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Badge Reels and Badge Holders

If you need a way for employees, students, or attendees to carry I.D. badges, consider custom badge reels and badge holders. They offer the same flexibility as custom lanyards, and are perfect for circumstances where lanyards might not be suitable.

I.D. cards and key cards have become a requirement in many facilities today. Whether for school, work or conference attendance, they’re simply a part of everyday life. Along with the need for the cards comes a need for a convenient way to carry them and keep them accessible.

Lanyards of course, are one way to do so. They’re comfortable, unobtrusive and hard to lose. They’re fine for most offices, schools, warehouses and other areas. But there are circumstances in which lanyards may be inappropriate or even dangerous.

That’s where badge reels and badge holders shine. They’re a perfect combination for busy factories and other areas in which lanyards could get caught in machinery or on protruding brackets, shelves or other items.

When Badge Reels and Badge Holders Work Best

Badge reels with badge holders, like lanyards, hold I.D. badges and key cards handy, and make them easily visible. Unlike lanyards, however, the badge reels hold the I.D. or key close to the wearer. Instead of being worn around the neck, badge reels can be clipped to clothing or a belt. That gives them the security and convenience of a lanyard in a safer form.

Any good lanyard provider will offer badge reels in your choice of metal or plastic. Choose metal for rugged environments, plastic for lighter weight. You can have your brand or logo imprinted in the center of the reels.

Whether you choose custom badge reels and badge holders or custom lanyards, you’ll get a useful tool that you can use to both keep your organization secure and organized, and promote your brand or logo. A dependable provider such as can help you make the right choice for your specific needs. Call us today – toll free – at 877.870.5462, or email us at for more information.

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