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Custom Woven Lanyards For a Classic Look

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When you need lanyards with an elegant, professional look, custom woven lanyards are the answer. They’re a classic look that your customers, students, staff or visitors are sure to appreciate and enjoy. There’s no question you have plenty of lanyard styles and materials to choose from. But the traditional woven polyester lanyard has the advantage

Classic Polyester Lanyards: Great Performance, Great Price

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With the variety of lanyard types available today, it’s sometimes hard to choose the right one. At, classic polyester lanyards are our most popular, most versatile style, suitable for virtually any need at an economical price. Polyester lanyards are the go-to choice for many of our customers, and with good reason. This style offers

Using Lanyards as an Effective Marketing Tool

Using Lanyards as an Effective Marketing Strategy | Wholesale Lanyards

Lanyards have been part of the business world for many years, but do you realize the marketing value they can bring to your business? While it may seem like a simple product, lanyards can bring success in these four effective ways. Trade Shows Trade shows are a common place for businesses to promote products and

Red Ribbon Week Lanyards

Educators, you know how important Red Ribbon Week is to your students. In today’s world, teaching young people how to make good decisions and avoid drugs and alcohol is critical. If you need new ideas to boost your students’ interest this year, consider custom Red Ribbon Week lanyards. If your school requires students to wear

How to Choose the Right Lanyard for Your Conference

How to Choose the Right Lanyard for Your Conference | Wholesale Lanyards

If you are ordering lanyards for an upcoming conference, there are a lot of different options. It’s all about the details. Creating the right lanyard is rarely as easy as companies think. Graphics and design, materials, and available add-ons are the three basic categories of options used to customize lanyards to fit your exact needs.

Back to School with Lanyards

Back to School with Lanyards | Wholesale Lanyards

Schools are under a lot of pressure today to keep students safe, educated, and well-rounded. This is a tall order when you are overseeing schools, but there are helpful tools that can make your job easier. One tool you should not overlook is custom lanyards. This product can help school administrators with safety, education, and

Advantages of Dye Sublimated Custom Lanyards

Breakaway Lanyards

If you need rugged lanyards that can stand up to just about anything AND still look great, dye sublimated custom lanyards are the answer. “Dye sub” or full color lanyards use a unique process to create an image that’s nearly indestructible. Full color lanyards also give you outstanding gradients, clear details and distinct colors. They’re

Lanyards 101: How to Customize Lanyards to Meet Your Needs

A lanyard can be a very effective branding and marketing tool. These simple items are affordable and eye-catching, and they can be used in a range of situations from schools and special events to everyday use throughout a business. These items are more than just a way to identify employees coming through the door, though.

Custom Tubular Lanyards: Affordable Quality

You know custom lanyards are an excellent way to promote your brand or logo. They’re also a way to keep I.D. cards and key cards readily accessible in the workplace. But you’re on a tight budget. That’s no problem – tubular lanyards to the rescue! Custom tubular lanyards can give you all the advantages of

Back To School Lanyards Are Awesome!

It’s mid-summer, a fun time if you’re an elementary or secondary school student. If you’re an educator, you’re probably already thinking about the upcoming school year. If you want a way to celebrate school spirit and help maintain security at the same time, back to school lanyards are an awesome way to do it! OK,

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