4 Uses for Lanyards During a Pandemic

You may find yourself burdened with a few extra items these days because of the Coronavirus. Here are 4 pandemic needs that custom wholesale lanyards can keep within your reach.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect daily life in our country, and many people find themselves adapting to new conditions in order to return to normal activities, including work. As we learn to cope with masks, social distancing, and sanitization, we innovate.

You may find yourself burdened with a few extra items these days because of the Coronavirus. Luckily, we at Wholesale Lanyards have a PPE store that includes our stylish, customized lanyards to hold all of your new essentials, plus masks, hand sanitizer, and more!

Here are 4 pandemic needs that lanyards can keep within your reach:

1. ID Badge

This one seems obvious - of course lanyards are meant to hold your work ID badge. However, contactless entry is becoming more and more common these days. Many workplaces use scanners for their employees to clock in or gain access through locked doors. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many places are even doing temperature checks. A barcoded identification badge hung conveniently around an employee’s neck on a customized lanyard makes for a more efficient and contactless workplace.

2. Mask

Many people, including teachers, office workers, and hospital staff, work in an environment where they are constantly taking their mask off and on as they switch between working alone in their office and meeting with other coworkers. If you’ve ever found yourself scrambling to find your mask when you hear a knock on your door, consider attaching your mask to a custom designed lanyard!

While any of our lanyards could function easily to hold your mask, we also offer a customized polyester mask keeper with two bulldog clips to secure both sides of the mask. While you’re visiting our PPE store, check out our mask options, including customizable 3 layer face masks and disposable face masks to make your order complete!

3. Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizer is something we all want to keep on hand, however it’s not always... handy. Hand sanitizer is now widely available in small, portable bottles, but that doesn’t mean we want them in our pockets. Luckily, you can use a customized lanyard to hold that precious bottle of alcohol and aloe close.

Use a carabiner or clip to attach a bottle of hand sanitizer to your wholesale lanyard so that it’s always within reach after you touch a door handle or other shared item in your workplace.

4. Pen/Stylus

Thanks to the pandemic, sharing pens is a little more complicated these days. You’d normally reach for a chained pen when signing in at the doctor’s office, signing a document at work, or filling out a deposit slip at the bank, but because of sanitization issues, it’s better to have your own pen on hand.

Attaching a small pen to your customized lanyard means you’ve always got a pen within reach. Include a stylus on the end of your pen when you have to use touch screens as well for a full contactless interaction.

Get a free quote today on customizable, high quality lanyards for wholesale prices, and let us help you manage the pandemic with more convenience.