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High-Quality Lanyards Materials

Looking for something special to make your brand stand out? You're in the right spot! At WholesaleLanyards, we're all about giving your brand that extra edge with our awesome range of lanyards types. Trust us, these aren't your average lanyards.

We've got a whole rainbow of styles – from the sleek and sturdy nylon to the soft and comfy tubular ones, and even the classy woven style. And the best part? You get to add your own personal touch. Picture this: your logo and brand name beautifully printed on these lanyards, being showcased around at your next big event. Talk about making an impression!

But hey, it's not just about looking good. We know the drill – quality and budget are king. That's why our lanyards are not just eye-catching but also super durable. And when you buy in bulk, you're getting an unbeatable deal that keeps your wallet happy.

So, whether you're gearing up for a trade show, looking for some cool giveaway items, or just want to keep your team looking sharp and unified, we've got you covered. Dive into our selection and find the perfect match for your brand. Because at WholesaleLanyards, we're committed to bringing you the best – the best prices, the best service, and of course, the best quality lanyards out there.

Ease of Use!

Badge Reels

Keep your badges close!

as low as 0.67


Badge Holders

Easy holder for badges!

as low as 0.18

Show your logo!


Show off your logo!

as low as 0.58

Custom Badge Reels: Convenient, Clip-On Access for IDs and Key Cards

Say goodbye to the hassle of misplaced badges and key cards! Our custom badge reels are not just compact and super easy to clip onto pockets, lapels, or belts, but they're also a fantastic way to keep those important items handy. Ideal for frequent use, these badge reels are perfect for staff, students, or visitors who need quick access to identification or secure areas.

At WholesaleLanyards, we're all about combining convenience with branding. Our badge holders are more than just practical; they're a stylish way to flaunt your brand. Whether it's for holding ID badges, membership cards, keys, or other small essentials, these badge reels seamlessly integrate into the daily routine of your organization. It's about making life easier while keeping your brand in constant view.

Get ready to add a touch of efficiency and brand visibility to your daily operations. Our badge reels are here to make a lasting impression.

Lanyards for IDs, Keys, and Promotions

Looking for a versatile solution for your identification and promotional needs? Look no further than WholesaleLanyards! Our custom lanyards come in a variety of materials and styles, perfectly tailored to fit any use you can think of. Here's how our lanyards can be a game-changer for you:

ID Lanyards :
The Professional Touch

Our lanyards are a popular choice for carrying ID cards. Custom-printed with your company's name and logo, they're not just a secure way to hold IDs but also a powerful marketing tool. Every time someone visits your office, your brand gets noticed.

Key Lanyards :
Ultimate Convenience

Don’t just stop at IDs! Our lanyards are perfect for holding keys too. With a handy J-hook, they keep your keys secure and easily accessible. Whether it’s for your personal use or for your entire team, these lanyards add convenience to everyday life.

Promotional Lanyards:
Boost Your Brand Visibility

Trade shows and business expos are all about making an impression. Our promotional lanyards are the ideal giveaway items. With state-of-the-art printing technology, we offer high-quality lanyards bulk at an affordable price, making them a smart choice for promoting your brand.

Event Lanyards:
Stand Out in the Crowd

At concerts, festivals, or corporate events, our custom lanyards help in easily identifying staff and special guests. They're perfect for differentiating various attendee groups at large-scale events, adding a layer of organization and style.

With WholesaleLanyards, the possibilities are endless. Whether for professional use, promotional purposes, or event management, our personalized lanyards are designed to meet your needs and elevate your brand. Get in touch today and explore the world of options we have for you!

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WholesaleLanyards makes it easy to design and place your lanyard order. Fill out our fast, easy, no-obligation Free Quote form and our friendly, dedicated staff will get to work! Our graphic artists and customer service representatives are highly experienced, and dedicated to providing you the best quality bulk lanyards you can buy. We have a full range of lanyard types to help you craft the perfect lanyards for your specific needs.

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Promote Your Brand with Wholesale Lanyards

In the competitive world of business, brand visibility is essential. Whether you are promoting your brand, organizing an event, enhancing security, or selling to a retail audience,  customized lanyards  have you covered. And for high-quality lanyards at affordable prices, you have come to the right place. Here at Wholesale Lanyards, you can order lanyards in bulk to suit your needs, such as:

Offering fantastic deals, the more you buy, you can order the amount that you need safe in the knowledge that you are getting the best price available. And with no maximum limit on our bulk lanyards , we are able to cater to your needs no matter the size of your business.

Practicality and Brand Visibility at Your Fingertips

Although simplistic in design, lanyards promote brand visibility as well as provide many practical benefits. How often have you walked through the office and heard of someone forgetting their keys or ID - it’s fairly frequent, right? With a lanyard, these essentials will remain around their neck at all times, reducing stress while optimizing their workflow.

Here at Wholesale Lanyards , you have the flexibility to design your lanyards to meet your branding guidelines. From color matching to artwork, we have you covered. And the best part? There is no additional cost for these services. So you can shop our range with confidence, safe in the knowledge that your branding will be replicated perfectly at affordable prices.

Offering polyester, nylon, woven, and tubular lanyards, you will enjoy a comprehensive range when you shop with us. Then customize them with your logo, slogan, or brand name as you like. From the artwork to the lanyards themselves, you are guaranteed quality every time at Wholesale Lanyards.

Buy Lanyards in Bulk to Get the Best Pricing

Buying  lanyards in bulk not only saves you money but also ensures that you have an ample supply on hand. So whether you are giving to your employees, preparing for an upcoming event or maximizing your return on investment by selling to a retail audience, ensure that you don’t run out with Wholesale Lanyards.

A cost-effective solution, we guarantee the best pricing for the quantity that you order. We believe in transparency, so you are able to view our pricing tables online but for any additional questions don’t hesitate to speak to our friendly team. And with fast turnaround times and free shipping on all orders, rest assured that your lanyards will arrive without delay. 

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When you choose Wholesale Lanyards for your bulk lanyard needs, you can trust that you are getting fantastic quality at affordable prices. Durable to withstand day-to-day wear and tear, and a quick-release function for safety, you’ll love our range. Increasing brand visibility has never been so easy.

Are you ready to get started? For a free, personal design and quote, submit your designs online today. We can’t wait to start bringing your designs to life.