5 Ways To Use A Custom Lanyard

Who knew that a simple strip of material could become such a versatile and popular item? Lanyards are seen everywhere. Look around at any school or medical office, and you...

Who knew that a simple strip of material could become such a versatile and popular item? Lanyards are seen everywhere. Look around at any school or medical office, and you will see them. Lanyards are used by healthcare professionals, businesses, organizations, and more for many reasons. At WholesaleLanyards.com, we know the benefits that custom lanyards offer, as well as their many uses. They are far more than an everyday item that carries things such as ID cards, keys, and other credentials. Lanyards are a marketing tool, an object utilized to promote any brand. They are functional, durable, and unlike any other promotional item on the market. Today we take a closer look at five unique ways to use a custom lanyard.

The first and most common use for lanyards, custom or otherwise, is to keep track of any small items. A lanyard will let you keep your daily essentials close at hand, which means you won't be wasting time looking for those details you depend on. Lanyards are also practical keychains, making them easier to hold to and much harder to misplace. This is particularly important to folks who use key cards and need their identification at a moment's notice. Lanyards are an easy way to keep necessary things close, offering everyday use and a sound design. They are ideal for employees in businesses with secure facilities and where security clearances are needed. Custom lanyards are found almost everywhere these days.

Lanyards serve as good gifts and giveaways. Lanyards not only provide people with something useful, but they also assist with raising brand awareness or even spreading a message. It is their functionality that makes lanyards so appealing. Giving lanyards to your valued customers is an exceptional way to show appreciation. However, they can also be used at trade shows and conferences to get potential patron's and clients' attention. More effective than t-shirts, pins, and pens, lanyards are something people will use day to day while thinking about your business, brand, or organization in the process. Not to mention it's a good way to showcase your name and logo to others. Custom lanyards will go a long way!

In these days and times, hygiene is imperative. The global pandemic has brought hygiene to the forefront. Lanyards supply a fantastic way to keep hand sanitizer bottles and PPE close. Hand sanitizer bottles will easily be clipped to the end of a lanyard, while double-ended lanyards are great for masks and more. With face masks becoming more common in public, having an easy way to carry your PPE is becoming significant. It's easy to misplace or forget your mask, but a custom lanyard will help. Carrying these items is an excellent way to stay healthy and safe, which is undoubtedly vital during our "new normal."

As we mentioned above, lanyards make perfect promotional products. For events such as expos and seminars, lanyards play an important role. Many of these events do not require a uniform, and a custom lanyard can make your team stand out. Not only are they perfect for identification purposes, but they are also given out as promo items. Lanyards can even be sold as merchandise, accenting any collection with versatility while raising brand awareness. They are ideal for marketing purposes, thanks in part to their custom details. Your design says a lot about who you are and what you do. Get creative and stand out among the rest!

Last but not least, custom lanyards are a great way to differentiate roles and ranks. Offices have a designated dress code, but it might be confusing knowing who is in which position. Custom lanyards can assist! Use different colored lanyards to denote various departments and what position employees hold. Lanyards can have many uses in the office, showing rank and providing a place to keep your daily objects.

The uses for custom lanyards are endless. At WholesaleLanyards.com, we understand their benefits, and we’d be happy to help you. No matter if you are looking to produce custom lanyards for an upcoming event or just something to hand out to customers and clients, we’ve got you covered. With over a decade of experience, we know what it takes to create a high-quality custom lanyard. We make ordering easier than ever! Simply get a free quote or email us! Let us show you how effective custom lanyards can be for you!