A Closer Look! The Details Of A Custom Lanyard

Custom lanyards can be seen at almost any event, from music festivals and concerts to conferences and trade shows. They are used as an effective marketing tool by many, but...

Custom lanyards can be seen at almost any event, from music festivals and concerts to conferences and trade shows. They are used as an effective marketing tool by many, but besides promotion, they are great for everyday use for many reasons. Businesses, brands, companies, and organizations of all sorts use lanyards in several different ways. Lanyards give functionality that is unrivaled among other promotional products. Their two best attributes are their practicality and their level of customization. Today we take a closer look at the details of lanyards while providing you with a look at all the various customization options. Learn exactly why lanyards are so versatile and how they might work for you! 

First things first, let's talk about the material used for lanyards. You have plenty of choices when it comes to fabric for lanyards. Polyester and tubular lanyards are the most common. Polyester offers a durable and classic allure, while the tubular lanyard is our most affordable. You also have woven and nylon lanyards. Woven lanyards have a classic elegant look that works best with simple text. Nylon lanyards are soft and comfortable and are one of the highest quality lanyards you can get. Full-color lanyards are rugged and will resist fading, cracking, and peeling, though they do cost a little extra. Cord lanyards might be a great decision. They are comfortable and soft, boasting a classic style. Remember, the material you select will impact your design moving forward. Be sure to consider what you want your lanyards to feature, such as text, logos, and other information. 

Custom lanyards can be created to say and show exactly what you want. Choosing the correct imprint for your lanyards will make a huge difference. Imprints and styles vary from economical and durable to detailed and everlasting. Lanyards can also be crafted with multi-color dye-sublimation for a bold, vibrant look that is sure to stand out. Think about the details and contemplate using logos, emblems, websites, and of course, the company name. A lanyard should be informative and eye-catching. The imprint choice will play a big role in how unique your lanyard will be. Get creative! 

Lastly is the type of lanyard attachment. This is an important thing to think about. Lanyard attachments allow the wearer to hold almost anything they might need. From IDs and keycards to necessary documentation and other credentials, the lanyard attachment brings it all together. There are several selections to choose from, including bulldog clips, j-hooks, thumb triggers, keyrings, carabiner hooks, and even tech loops. There are even double-ended lanyards that are perfect for face masks and other daily essentials. The attachment selection will have a lot of impact on how the lanyards are used, so be sure to think ahead! 

There are a handful of other options to consider as well. A host of lanyard accessories are available to add to its functionality and usefulness. Those include carabiners, adjustment beads, and oval hooks, as well as safety breaks, buckle releases, and length adjusters. Add simple badge holders or badge reels with a logo too. Logo clips make a nice touch, further adding marketing appeal to any custom lanyard.

You have plenty of possibilities when designing lanyards. Now that you know all of the different elements, are you ready to get started with your order? At WholesaleLanyards.com, we make ordering easy and effortless. Simply get a free quote or email us. We’d be happy to help you create the perfect lanyards!