A Word About Safety Breakaways

We try not to take things too seriously at Wholesale Lanyards, on the theory that life is too short not to have fun. But we’d like to get...

We try not to take things too seriously at Wholesale Lanyards, on the theory that life is too short not to have fun. But we’d like to get serious for a moment to talk about something important: lanyard safety breakaways.

There’s no question that lanyards make life easier. They’re a great way to hold I.D. badges and key cards handy and ready for use. They’re terrific for cellphones, small tools, and other items. But in the wrong circumstances, without a safety breakaway device, they can be disastrous.

A safety breakaway can literally mean the difference between life and death in some situations. In others, it can be the difference between minor and serious injury. We can’t recommend safety breakaways strongly enough for most lanyard buyers. That’s why, when you order from Wholesale Lanyards, we always offer you the option of safety breakaways FREE.

What’s A Safety Breakaway?

A safety breakaway is a small two-piece device, typically plastic, that connects two sections of a lanyard together. As the name implies, the two pieces pop open or “break away” if the lanyard is pulled or jerked. You can easily reconnect the two sides and resume wearing the lanyard later. That’s really all there is to it.

The purpose of the breakaway is to prevent the lanyard wearer from being seriously injured or killed if the lanyard applies pressure to their neck. Although it’s a grim thought, such an incident could occur if the I.D. badge or lanyard got caught in a running machine, or if someone grabbed the lanyard, either accidentally or maliciously.

The breakaway separates the lanyard into two pieces before the wearer can get hurt. That’s the reason for its existence.

Who Needs A Safety Breakaway Lanyard?

Anyone who works near machinery and has to wear a lanyard must have a safety breakaway. As should anyone who works with children, psychiatric patients, or prisoners. Virtually everyone who works in direct contact with the public – retail workers, medical staff, and others – need a safety breakaway.

How Many Breakaways Does a Lanyard Need?

In most cases, the answer can be one. But in specialized conditions, such as working in locked psychiatric wards or in correctional facilities, multiple breakaways might be required.

Why? A lanyard with just one safety breakaway will break open in one piece, leaving the full length of the lanyard loose. That’s fine for many circumstances, such as a child grabbing a teacher’s lanyard, for example. But in locked facilities in which patients or inmates can become violent, that full-length lanyard – typically 36” long – is still a weapon. It still can be used to tie up or strangle a medical worker or corrections officer.

The answer is to have multiple breakaways on the lanyard, which will break loose into multiple short pieces. That prevents the lanyard from being used as a weapon or a restraint.

Specialty lanyards also can be integrated into facility alarm systems, designed to trigger an alarm whenever a breakaway is separated.

Why Not Have Breakaways on All Lanyards?

There’s no real need for safety breakaways in facilities that don’t deal with the public or machinery. For those situations, a standard one-piece lanyard is fine. But if the breakaway is free – as it always is at Wholesale Lanyards – there’s no reason not to include it.

If you’re on the fence about ordering safety breakaways, consider this – what do you have to lose by ordering them? By not ordering them?

Badge Reels: A Lanyard Alternative

In environments such as manufacturing facilities in which employees are working with and around machinery, badge reels are a better alternative to lanyards. Badge reels can keep I.D. badges and key cards conveniently close and visible without the dangling risk of lanyards. You can customize badge reels with your company logo or text as well. Clipped to clothing or a belt, they are sturdy and secure.

In some high-risk situations, however, lanyards with safety breakaways are a better bet. Badge reels could pose a risk as a weapon in medical facilities or correctional facilities. Breakaway lanyards eliminate that possibility. It all depends on the environment in which the lanyard or badge reel will be used.

We don’t mean to alarm anyone. Both lanyards and badge reels are safe products when properly used. Having said that, the proper selection of either product, coupled with the judicious use of safety breakaways, can offer an extra margin of safety in critical situations.

At Wholesale Lanyards, we’re dedicated to offering the highest quality, safest products possible to our customers. That’s why we offer safety breakaways as a free option on all our lanyards. Your sales representative can help you decide if you need safety breakaways, and help you choose between lanyards and badge reels.

No matter which you select, you can rest assured that you’ll receive top quality products, unbeatable prices, and outstanding customer service from Wholesale Lanyards. We are your dependable source for custom lanyards, badge reels, and accessories of all kinds. We look forward to serving all your custom lanyard and badge reel needs!