Advantages of Dye Sublimated Custom Lanyards

Jan 1, 2019

Advantages of Dye Sublimated Custom Lanyards

If you need rugged lanyards that can stand up to just about anything AND still look great, dye sublimated custom lanyards are the answer. “Dye sub” or full color lanyards use a unique process to create an image that’s nearly indestructible.

Full color lanyards also give you outstanding gradients, clear details and distinct colors. They’re a premium product that’s well worth the slight extra investment.

What Are Dye Sublimated Custom Lanyards?

You might be wondering what dye sublimated means. So did we. So we checked. The key word is sublimation. It’s a scientific term that means something goes directly from a solid state to a gaseous one, with no liquid state in between.

The best example is dry ice. It’s nothing more than super cold carbon dioxide. As it warms up, it goes directly from a solid to a gas or vapor. That’s what creates the “fog” you see.

With a dye sublimated lanyard, we imprint your design on special paper, then heat it and apply to the lanyard. The dye does exactly the same thing as the dry ice – with one important difference. Unlike the dry ice fog that evaporates, the dye goes through the lanyard material, creating your design. It becomes a permanent part of the material.

Why Are Dye Sub (Full Color) Lanyards Better?

One of the greatest advantage of full color (dye sublimated) lanyards is the durability of your logo or text. Because your design is infused throughout the lanyard material, it won’t peel, crack or fade. It’s as durable as the lanyard itself.

Full color lanyards also give you great detail and definition for your logo too. They’re an accurate way to print gradients and fine lines in a bright, legible way. It gives your desired imprint or message a bold look that can’t be missed.

If you need top performance from your lanyards, go for dye sublimated custom lanyards. They offer the greatest performance and the most durability of any lanyard style.

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