Back To School Lanyards Are Awesome!

Dec 31, 2018

Back To School Lanyards Are Awesome!

It’s mid-summer, a fun time if you’re an elementary or secondary school student. If you’re an educator, you’re probably already thinking about the upcoming school year. If you want a way to celebrate school spirit and help maintain security at the same time, back to school lanyards are an awesome way to do it!

OK, fine, maybe “awesome” is an overstatement. But custom school lanyards are a valuable tool in your school spirit and security toolkits.

Back to School Lanyards Start The Year Right

You want to start the academic year on a strong wave of school spirit and student buy-in. Custom lanyards with the school’s name and mascot printed on them are a terrific way to get things rolling. For the most part (there’s always that one rebel without a clue), students like to be part of something. If you give them an attractive, easy way to carry their school I.D. cards, they’re more likely to wear them. That gives your security program a boost too, since it makes it easy to see who belongs there and who doesn’t.

Lanyards And I.D. Cards: A Perfect Match

It’s a simple fact of modern life that school security demands I.D. cards or badges for students, faculty and staff. Trouble is, those I.D. cards can be easy to lose. Custom lanyards are an outstanding means of reducing the likelihood of loss.

Good lanyards are comfortable to wear, and unlike clip-on badge holders, they’re hard to remove accidentally. They keep student, faculty and staff I.D.s front and center for easy visibility, while keeping them out of the way of most tasks.

Count on Us For the Best Back to School Lanyards

When you need custom back to school lanyards, is your Number One source! Our trained, award-winning staff can help you choose the right lanyard materials, colors and styles for any size order, any budget. When you’re ready to order, or if you’d like more information, call us, toll-free, at 877-870-5462, email us at [email protected]. We’re here to help make the coming school year your best one yet!