Back to School with Lanyards

Jan 8, 2019

Back to School with Lanyards

Schools are under a lot of pressure today to keep students safe, educated, and well-rounded. This is a tall order when you are overseeing schools, but there are helpful tools that can make your job easier. One tool you should not overlook is custom lanyards. This product can help school administrators with safety, education, and fun.

Student Safety

One of the top concerns for parents and educators alike today is school safety. One simple way to increase a school’s safety is to have students wear lanyards with I.D. badges that can easily be seen. Custom Lanyards make it easy to enforce wearing I.D. badges as a mandatory part of the dress code. It’s easy to quickly see anyone who isn’t supposed to be on campus. You can customize lanyards with your school mascot or other items to make them more attractive to students.

In an emergency when a student can’t communicate well enough to be helpful, a lanyard with identification can be a great asset. This helps administrators to know a student’s name to look up their records, medical history or designated emergency contacts. Having it all spelled correctly on the name tag makes the entire process faster too.

Educating Students

While lanyards can’t directly help students improve their math grades, they can help teachers and administrators keep students where they need to be. It is easier to spot a student who is not where they are supposed to be. This can help administrators direct students back to their correct classrooms and areas so that they don’t miss any learning opportunities. That, in turn, can help improve grades.

Bringing Out the Fun

The key to a well-rounded education is making sure that academics aren’t the only emphasis in school. Promoting school spirit, offering enriching activities, and encouraging students to be creative are all components of making school a fun experience. You can create custom lanyards that emphasize all these areas. Just a few things you can do to customize school lanyards are:

  • School colors for the lanyard material
  • Custom print the school mascot or logo on the lanyards
  • Encourage students to decorate their name badges
  • Print numbers on each lanyard for prize drawings in assemblies, performances, or games

Custom production means you can change up your school’s lanyards every year. Involve the student council to create fun new designs that emphasize school goals or a theme for the year.

Lanyards are a versatile tool for educators and school administrators, They are easy to order in bulk, include free artwork, and free shipping, so the cost doesn’t have to strain the school budget. This tool might be simple, but it can have a big impact on helping students and schools.