Choosing the Right Lanyard Style

Lanyards are versatile tools for just about any office, school or workplace. They’re also powerful promotional items. Choosing the right lanyard style is the key to using lanyards...

Lanyards are versatile tools for just about any office, school or workplace. They’re also powerful promotional items. Choosing the right lanyard style is the key to using lanyards successfully for promotional purposes.

Lanyards are available in a range of materials and lettering styles. The right type for your application depends on several factors, including the complexity of your logo or text design, the environment in which the lanyards will be used and of course, your budget. Our experienced staff will help you find the right custom lanyards for your needs. We are your one-stop source for lanyards of all kinds.

Lanyard Styles

Our range of lanyard styles includes multiple material types and printing methods. Start with the basics:

Polyester lanyards are the workhorses of the lanyard world. This is the most popular lanyard material, offering the best balance of performance and price. Polyester gives you excellent wear comfort, outstanding logo or text image quality at an affordable price. They’re suitable for most applications.

Tubular lanyards are the most economical style we offer. They’re made of tube-stitched polyester, similar to a shoelace. Because they’re lightweight and comfortable, this style is particularly popular with sports enthusiasts. If your budget is limited, tubular lanyards offer good performance and outstanding value.

Woven lanyards add a touch of classic elegance to custom lanyards. Rather than screen printing the design onto the lanyard, it’s woven into the material in a process similar to embroidery. Due to the nature of the weaving process, this style is best for simple logos or text. More intricate designs will not be legible in this style.

Nylon lanyards offer the highest quality of any style we offer at Wholesale Lanyards. With a smooth, supple feel and high-sheen surface, they offer outstanding visibility for small text and intricate logos.

Cord lanyards offer outstanding comfort for the wearer and excellent text or logo visibility with a classic look.

Full Color lanyards are the SUVs of the lanyard world. These rugged, high-performance lanyards use a process known as dye sublimation to infuse your design all the way through the material. That means your design will never crack, peel or fade, even under extreme conditions.


Lanyards alone aren’t enough, of course. You also need attachments to make them functional. At Wholesale Lanyards, we offer a full range of attachments to create the perfect lanyards for your needs.

Safety Breakaways are a must for just about any application. These are always free. In some environments, lanyards can be potentially lethal without them. For health care workers and others who sometimes face disoriented or potentially violent individuals, the reusable breakaways pull free before they can be choked with the lanyard.

Similarly, in factory applications with running machinery, the breakaways can pop loose before an employee gets dragged into operating equipment. They literally can be a lifesaver. We offer free safety breakaways on every lanyard style we sell.

Bulldog clips are one of our standard free options. These handy clips are ideal for I.D. badges and keycards.

Key rings are another free choice. Keep keys handy and within easy reach.

Swivel J Hooks and thumb triggers are two more free options. They offer maximum flexibility for attaching whatever you need to your custom lanyards.

Carabiners are among several options available at a slight extra cost. You can also order custom attachment options for your specific needs. Contact one of our experienced sales staff for more information.

Ordering Custom Lanyards

We make it easy to order custom lanyards of any style. We’ve been producing and selling lanyards for 15 years, so we’re familiar with which style works best in which settings. No matter whether you need lanyards for outdoor use, the classroom, warehouse, factory floor, office or retail shop, we’ll help you select the ideal style for your specific application.

We don’t charge for art or revisions, so you can experiment with the logo or text for your lanyards until it’s exactly what you want. We offer free Pantone™ color matching, so you can be sure the colors match your company, school or office logo. We don’t charge a setup or mold fee, and we even offer free shipping to any address in the continental U.S.A.

You can order with confidence from Wholesale Lanyards. We support everything we sell with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Should you find any lanyard you purchase from us to be defective in either workmanship or materials, tell us about it. We’ll be happy to replace it at no extra cost to you.

It’s all part of our commitment to giving you the total package – outstanding quality products, unbeatable prices, and superior customer service. We are dedicated to serving all your custom lanyard needs. For more information, call us toll-free today at 877.870.5462, or fill out our no-obligation Free Quote form. We look forward to serving you!