Consider This When Ordering Custom Lanyards

Jan 6, 2021

Consider This When Ordering Custom Lanyards

For many, a lanyard might seem like a mundane piece of equipment. However, , businesses, schools, nonprofits and other agencies are discovering how creative custom lanyards can be.

Custom lanyards are more than simple holders for employee IDs, keycards, and other small items. They are being used as promotional tools as well. No matter what you use custom lanyards for, there are a few things to consider before placing your order. 

The first thing to consider is lanyard styles. With an array of styles available, there’s sure to be one that’s ideal for your organization’s specific needs.

The most popular style is the polyester lanyard. Woven lanyards and full-color lanyards offer great detail. If you are looking for a lower cost with high performance, a tubular style lanyard might be your best option. On the other end,  nylon lanyards are soft and the highest quality. 

Once you have chosen your style, consider what you want your custom lanyard to say or showcase. With a full range of customization options, you can create the perfect lanyards for your specific needs. 

Lanyards are perfect for ID cards for employee identification. Print your company's name and logo on the lanyards for marketing purposes. Custom lanyards also make outstanding giveaways for business expos or trade shows. 

High-quality custom lanyards are an excellent way to promote your brand or company, with your brand printed on the lanyards. Custom lanyards are also popular for concerts and other events. Lanyards are ideal for distinguishing attendees at concerts, festivals, shows, and more. 

Any good lanyard provider will offer lanyards in virtually any color of your choice, and with a wide selection of attachment options and accessories.

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