Create Local Brand Awareness for Your Small Business with Custom Lanyards

Apr 1, 2021

Create Local Brand Awareness for Your Small Business with Custom Lanyards

Marketing is incredibly important for small businesses, especially locally. Social media marketing is becoming more dominant than most other media marketing, but word of mouth advertising can be just as powerful in a small town. New small business owners should focus on creating brand awareness, meaning their brand, shop, or business should be instantly recognizable, whether because of the logo design, tagline, or general vibe of the brand.

Products and services that maintain a high level of brand awareness are likely to generate more sales. It can be difficult for small businesses to compete with national chains, however if you build a recognizable brand with your local consumers, they are more likely to go with a local business that they trust over a big box store.

Marketing with promotional products is a great way to spread word of mouth advertising, which is why creating custom lanyards from can help improve your brand awareness locally. Lanyards are versatile items that people will find daily use for, whether it’s displaying identification at work, holding their keys, or keeping track of small items. If you combine the usefulness of a lanyard with a quality design, you’ll have a promotional item with endless value.

When designing your custom lanyard, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you need to decide on the type of lanyard, and that will come down to the details. If your design idea is fully detailed and colorful, then you’ll want to choose our full color sublimation lanyards. These vibrant lanyards are durable, so you won’t risk your design cracking or fading. Create a design that not only includes your logo, but also an image, icon, or even a catch phrase! Give your brand an identity that reflects the vibe of your business.

We can make simple lanyard designs work for your business as well. We offer all types of lanyards that can be customized with two or more colors, including our most popular polyester lanyards. These are our best value lanyards that balance performance and price and would be perfect for a more streamlined design. This is also why color is important for your design - your custom designed lanyard should include the same color scheme that is seen in your logo or shop, and therefore it should be easy to match a lanyard with a two or three color design.

Your employees should wear your custom designed lanyards in your shop to display their name badge. You can even sell the same lanyards near your register along with stickers or other small items with the same design. If your design is desirable enough, your customers will want to purchase the items for the design alone! You can also give away your custom lanyards at local events such as festivals, trade shows, and job fairs to market your business.

Make sure all of the design elements seen in your custom lanyard design carry over into your social media as well. As consumers come across your social media pages, local advertising, signage, and your store itself, they should recognize your brand across all areas - that is brand awareness.

Fill out a no-obligation free quote form today, and let us help you create the perfect custom designed lanyard for your new small business!