Custom Face Mask Holder Lanyards

Feb 23, 2021

Custom Face Mask Holder Lanyards

Lanyards are one of the most functional promotional products on the market. Not only are they exceptional for raising brand awareness, but lanyards are a way to keep our daily essentials in order and in reach. They are used everywhere, from schools and office buildings to music festivals, conventions, and more. Custom lanyards allow you to present something of function while also getting your company, brand, or organization in front of new customs and clients. However, it’s that functionality that we focus on today. It’s 2021, and the world is still battling a global pandemic. Face masks have become commonplace, though having a practical way to carry them and keep them convenient has not. Well, custom lanyards offer a solution with custom face mask holder lanyards.

Lanyards are seen throughout medical facilities around the country. From your local doctor's office to the country's biggest hospitals, lanyards are handy for nurses, doctors, and others. Medical professionals need to have proper identification on them at all times, as well as special keys and key cards. Custom face mask holder lanyards are growing increasingly popular as well. These custom, double-ended lanyards permit you to easily keep your face mask within reach at all times. They are also easy to apply and remove, making them an excellent solution for everyday face mask use.

These double clip lanyards are perfect mask holders for work, schools, and events. Each lanyard features two lanyard clips that go right onto a mask, badge, or convention holder from both ends. They make great lanyards for masks because they keep the mask out of the way while moving. The double clip lanyard can be used with most holders with two holes at the top. However, they also pair with any type of face mask flawlessly.

These custom face mask holder lanyards are great for employees in the field and the office. They, too, can be used as promotional products given out to customers and clients. Custom lanyards may be created with your company's name, logo, and other important information, which raises brand awareness. Oh, and we also make you custom masks to go along with your custom face mask holder lanyards!

At, we’ve created all sorts of custom lanyards. We have created custom lanyards for medical offices around the country. You can pick from a full range of styles, including nylon, polyester, woven, full-color, and tubular lanyards. You will even find breakaway lanyards that are safer for more dangerous workspaces. Along with all of that, we also offer the best customer on the market. We are dedicated to delivering quality products and unbeatable prices. Ready to get started on your custom face mask holder lanyards? We’d love to help, and we make it easy! Get a free quote or email us with any questions you have! Let us show you how easy ordering custom lanyards can be!