Custom Lanyards and Their Uses Today

Custom Lanyards and Their Uses Today

Custom lanyards have long been used in many fields for multiple purposes. With the increased emphasis on safety in recent years, they have become even more popular for security...

Custom lanyards have long been used in many fields for multiple purposes. With the increased emphasis on safety in recent years, they have become even more popular for security and identification purposes. A look at custom lanyards and their uses today will show their versatility and application to many businesses and organizations.

Why Lanyards?

One reason lanyards are so popular is because they are so convenient. Many workplaces, schools, and public facilities require staff, students, vendors and even visitors to wear I.D. badges while on the premises. Clip-on badge holders can easily be knocked off and lost accidentally. Pin-on designs leave holes in garments. Lanyards enable wearers to keep their identification visible, yet don’t fall off or damage clothing.

Because they keep the badges at eye level, lanyards are outstanding for medical facilities, where they enable patients to see their caregivers’ names. Retail establishments such as department stores use lanyards for similar reasons.

Many workplaces have shifted from keys to magnetic stripe keycards for access to some areas. Lanyards allow the wearer to have their keycard handy without having to fumble in a pocket or purse. As with I.D. cards, the lanyard greatly reduces the likelihood of the keycard being lost accidentally.

Lanyards don’t have to compromise the wearer’s safety. Add a reusable breakaway device that opens if a lanyard is pulled or snagged, preventing injury to the wearer. It’s a must for health care or law enforcement lanyards, and especially for employees working around running machinery. It can be a lifesaver. A reputable lanyard provider will always offer safety breakaways at no extra cost.

Why Custom Lanyards?

Custom lanyards add the benefit of promoting your brand or logo. They help boost brand awareness among customers, patients or clients. They serve as a secondary identification factor and help differentiate your organization in competitive situations. It’s easy and cost-effective to add a logo or text to just about any lanyard style.

One great way to promote your brand at trade shows and conventions is to give away custom lanyards at your exhibit. Especially if the event requires name badges and provides only clip-on or pin-on badge holders, they can prove quite popular.

Many people dislike pin-on badge holders and clip-ons. That’s where you come in. Give people a handy way to keep their badges with them and promote your brand at the same time. Soon, you’ll see more and more people walking around wearing your logo, generating even more brand awareness.

Different Styles for Different Needs

Custom lanyards are available in a range of different materials and styles to suit virtually any business or organization need. From economical tubular polyester to rugged full-color styles that won’t peel, crack or fade, there’s a lanyard for any use you can imagine.

Lanyards today aren’t limited to I.D. cards, either. You can get custom lanyards with attachments to hold keys, small tools, even cell phones. They’re versatile enough to handle just about anything you need to keep conveniently close by.

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