Custom Lanyards Are Ideal Marketing Tools

Jan 7, 2021

Custom Lanyards Are Ideal Marketing Tools

Custom lanyards can be seen almost everywhere these days. They have become a common business tool and a popular promotional item as well. Brands, companies, schools, nonprofit organizations, and government offices are using custom lanyards. And of course, employees, students and visitors to such organizations use them to carry IDs, keycards, and other important items.

Custom lanyards are a powerful marketing tool for several reasons. They’re economical and easy to design. That makes them an outstanding giveaway item for business functions such as trade shows, conventions, and conferences. They are a low-cost, high-impact way to raise brand awareness while providing something functional. 

Lanyards are versatile enough to serve multiple functions. That’s what makes them strong vehicles for marketing and promotion. Unlike t-shirts and other promotional items, lanyards are a practical work item. Employees have a convenient way to carry ID badges, key cards, phones, and more.

Employee lanyards are an ideal way to boost cohesiveness in the office too. Choose a color scheme and a logo or slogan that represents your business, and hand them out to employees. It’s a reminder that everyone is on the team. And you boost the visibility of your brand every time customers enter and see the lanyards.

In some workplaces, employees are required to have their ID cards visible at all times. Custom lanyards are the most convenient way to ensure employees have their ID on them. A lanyard will stay safely around your neck at all times, while clip-on badge holders can be bumped or fall off without realizing it.

Safety breakaway attachments can be added to keep workers safe if lanyards get grabbed, caught on a fixture or pulled into machinery.

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