Custom Lanyards Are Perfect For Badges, IDs & More!

Lanyards are a great way to provide convenience and security to your staff, students, or visitors. These simple items are used for everything from hold ID badges and membership cards...

Lanyards are a great way to provide convenience and security to your staff, students, or visitors. These simple items are used for everything from hold ID badges and membership cards to keys and other important credentials. Lanyards are excellent for various uses, and they can even be customized to showcase your business, brand, or organization. There are several different styles of lanyards and even attachment options, which let you get the most out of your particular design. Lanyards are functional, practical, and good for everything from security to building brand awareness. They are one of the only promotional items that will continue to be used regularly by anyone who gets one. 

While lanyards are popular for many businesses and companies, they are most commonly seen in the medical field. For many nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals, their daily routine includes the need to have the proper identification and credentials. From key cards and ID to keys, writing utensils, and more, healthcare workers need something that allows them to carry their essentials easily. Lanyards are ideal for precisely that, also providing companies with a unique form of branding. Custom lanyards can be produced to showcase any company with logos and other information that will surely garner attention. However, in the medical field and many other areas, lanyards are also used as a form of security. 

For some businesses and organizations, security is a top priority. This is true for everything from tech firms to schools, medical offices, and more. Custom lanyards provide a unique form of security. For one, they can be used as a place to easily carry identification and keys, as mentioned above. However, they can also be created in a way to denote certain people. For example, some design custom lanyards in different colors for visitors, as opposed to employees. They can also be customized to differentiate between visitors, employees, and more. Custom lanyards are also a great form of security at events such as music festivals, concerts, conferences, and trade shows. 

As we stated, custom lanyards are exceptional for events of all sorts. Not only can they be used as a security measure, but they can also do a lot for your company in terms of marketing and promotion. While lanyards are a popular way to carry everyday essentials, this is what makes them such an excellent companion at events. Custom lanyards can be handed out to customers, clients, and potential clients. Give them out as a thank you to loyal employees or vendors. Not only will you provide something worthwhile for everyday use, but you are also going to raise brand awareness. Every time someone wears your custom lanyard, your company is getting more attention. Create something that can easily be seen and put your brand in front of more potential customers! 

Lanyards are ideal for so many reasons. However, custom lanyards take things to the next level. Here at, we understand the benefits that custom lanyards can have for any business. They are not your typical promotional item, and that is exactly what makes them so beneficial. We offer a full range of custom-printed lanyards, as well as a host of other accessories such as badge holders, badge reels, and more. Each can be customized with your logo and text. We are dedicated to providing unrivaled quality without the high cost. We offer free artwork and revisions, free color matching, free setup, and free air shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.A. What more could you ask for? Ready to see the benefits that custom lanyards will provide your company? Get a free quote or email us. We'd be happy to help!