Custom Lanyards for Promotional Events

If you’re looking for an innovative way to increase brand awareness and give people something useful, consider custom lanyards for promotional events. It’s easy...

If you’re looking for an innovative way to increase brand awareness and give people something useful, consider custom lanyards for promotional events.

It’s easy to create custom lanyards to boost your brand’s visibility. Smart companies do it every day. Lanyards help promote businesses, schools, nonprofits and political organizations around the world. With just a little planning, you can feature lanyards at your next promotional event.

Start With the Basics

Get information about the event. If you need lanyards for a trade show or convention, be sure to order early, and order extras. You don’t want to be stressed out waiting for your order to arrive just before the big event. And you definitely don’t want to run out of lanyards at the event itself.

Decide what you want your lanyards to look like. Do you want a text message, a logo, both? Our award-winning graphic artists can help you choose what looks best. Consider what color lanyard material will showcase your message to best effect.

Different lanyard types are suited for different purposes. Whether you need basic workhorse polyester or rugged full-color dye-sublimated styles will depend on the event. Your lanyard provider can help you chose the right style for your needs.

What Lanyards Can Do

Custom lanyards are a subtle promotional product. They don’t shout, but they do raise your profile. Consider this – the next time you attend a trade show, look at the name tags people are wearing.

Chances are, the show I.D. badges will either be pinned to their clothing or held on with a flimsy little clip. Neither is a great idea. Pins make holes. Clips fall off or get knocked off, and in both cases, the badge they’re holding can get in the wearer’s way.

So what’s the alternative? Lanyards, of course! Custom lanyards that YOU will provide as giveaway items at your exhibition booth, that will enable convention-goers to wear their I.D. badge in a way that keeps it handy, out of the way and makes it hard to lose. Those lanyards will soon become ubiquitous throughout the trade show. So will your logo, text or contact information imprinted on them. You’re providing a valuable service to people. That makes them more likely to view your brand favorably.

Want to do even more? Add a USB drive imprinted with your logo to the lanyard. Include a brief message about your brand, product or service on the drive, and you’ve just given potential customers valuable information AND something they can use every day.

That’s the real value of custom lanyards. They’re a useful product, unlike other items such as cheap pens, calendars, magnets and the like. They’re a lot less likely to end up in a convention center trash can at the end of the trade show.

Schools Can Use Custom Lanyards Too

OK, so you don’t do trade shows. You’re a school administrator. Does your school require students to have I.D. badges? If you do, you might even already have them on lanyards.

Especially in middle schools and high schools, students want to be (just a little bit) individual. Why not let clubs, teams and other organizations sell custom lanyards to raise needed funds?

The band can sell lanyards imprinted with marching players. The football boosters can sell lanyards with a quarterback about to throw a pass. The science club can sell custom lanyards imprinted with elements from the Periodic Table. The organization or activity gets needed funds and gets recognition. The students get to show what’s important to them, and rebel (just a little bit) against the standard issue, ordinary lanyards.

If you don’t want to sell lanyards, you can still use them to boost student enthusiasm. Pass them out at pep rallies. Give them to younger students as part of your school’s Red Ribbon Week activities. The possible uses for custom lanyards in an educational setting are virtually endless.

When it comes to ordering custom lanyards for promotional events, look for a supplier that offers a range of lanyard materials and styles. Simple text logos look great on embroidered lanyards, for example, while nylon or polyester lanyards are better suited for more intricate designs. Any reputable supplier can help you choose the style that’s best for your organization’s needs and budget.

Look for a provider that has a track record of supplying custom lanyards for years to satisfied customers around the world, one that will work with you to create the exact design you want. Be sure they stand behind what they sell. Don’t settle for anything less than the best artists, service, and pricing.