Custom Lanyards For Security

Feb 8, 2021

Custom Lanyards For Security

It’s no surprise that custom lanyards can benefit businesses in terms of marketing and promotion. But did you ever consider that lanyards also are a good way to improve a company's security as well?

For many companies, just requiring staff to wear name tags improves safety. However, for some businesses, access to certain areas, departments, and products is strictly monitored and prohibited. This is where custom lanyards come into play. Lanyards are simple items that allow you to easily carry essentials as IDs, security cards, and access key cards. 

More than just a marketing tool, lanyards are a functional way to reduce lost cards and provide easy access to critical information. You can even use custom lanyards to carry small specialty items such as cell phones, walkie-talkies, even tablets. 

Custom lanyards are extremely versatile. They are great for keys, badges, and even hardware. They are ideal for access cards as well. Adding a badge reel gives them a retractable feature that allows for a quick swipe of card readers.

In a high-risk environment such as locked hospital wards and detention facilities, lanyards allow your staff to easily keep track of their access cards or ID badges. Free safety breakaways ensure patients, detainees or others can’t injure the lanyard wearer. These reusable plastic devices pop free when pulled, splitting the lanyard into two or more pieces that can’t be used as a weapon.

At, we supply top-quality, custom lanyards in a variety of materials. We offer a full slate of custom options, which means you can count on getting the perfect lanyards for your specific needs. 

We make it easy to design and order custom lanyards. Ready to get started? Simply fill out the Free Quote form or  email us. We are ready to work with you to craft the perfect custom lanyards for your needs!