Custom Pool Pass Lanyards for Access Control

Custom Pool Pass Lanyards for Access Control

Easy to carry, hard to lose, custom pool pass lanyards are the ideal way to control pool access.

With summer fast approaching, swimming pools everywhere are gearing up to open for the season. If you want better access control for your pool, consider custom pool pass lanyards from

Say what? How does something people wear around their necks work for swimming pool passes? They’re not going to wear that in the water.

Of course not. Consider this, though: Lanyards are harder to lose than a simple clip-on badge holder, loose laminated card or other small items. And you don’t have to keep it on your person once you gain access to the pool.

For someone headed poolside, it’s a breeze to grab a lanyard attached to a badge holder containing the pool pass. You can slip it over your head or stash it in a pocket. Either way, it makes keeping track of the pass far easier. You can even hang the pass over the rearview mirror in your car to keep it handy.

So what’s in it for the pool operator? Better access control. You can require pool users to display their passes to gain entry. You can even use a magnetic key card at the gate to allow access. Best of all, you can customize your lanyards with your facility logo or brand.

OK, so you’re sold on the idea of custom pool pass lanyards. So why should you buy them from

That’s easy. We offer the highest quality lanyards at the lowest price. It really is that simple.

Every lanyard we sell is made with the highest quality materials. We offer a range of styles to fit virtually any need or budget. We maintain rigorous quality control throughout the design and production processes. We carefully inspect each one before we ship it to you. And of course, we stand behind everything we sell with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Not only that, but you also get our signature customer service. We’re confident you won’t find better customer service anywhere. Let us prove it to you.

So what are you waiting for? The days are getting warmer, and the pool opening is getting closer every day. Why wait? Order your custom pool pass lanyards today!