How Lanyards Can Help You Travel By Land, Sea, or Air

High quality, customized lanyards that can keep your essential items close at hand.

“Phone. Keys. Wallet.”

That’s the mantra we all think as we get ready to leave the house. You check your purse or pat your pockets for these essential items every morning, but they are still far too easy to misplace.

Luckily, has a solution! High quality, customized lanyards that can keep your essential items close at hand. Lanyards are incredibly useful, which is why they make exceptional branded items and marketing giveaways - people will want to use them!

We offer a variety of high quality lanyards for wholesale prices. Lanyards can be customized in material, style, and design to show off your organization’s brand and logo. We even have an experienced art team available to help you create the perfect design!

Here are a few examples of how lanyards can make travel a little easier when you travel by…


Brightly colored lanyards are easy to spot at the bottom of backpacks when kids get off the bus from school and need a house key, and lanyards can be used to hang your car keys off a hook near your front door. Your keys will always be easier to find on a lanyard!

When you’re doing an activity like jogging or biking, you probably still need your keys and debit card close by but may not have a pocket. Try our custom full color sublimation lanyards for colors that pop and durability that will survive anything from outdoor activities to the inside of backpacks.


It can be difficult to keep track of small essential items on a boat, especially when fish are on. Keep your boat keys on a lanyard and add a floating keychain for additional security. You can even use a lanyard for items you may need in a hurry, such as pliers or a knife. Customize your lanyard with a safety break or buckle release for even easier access.


Air travel is complicated these days, especially with safety precautions at airports and on airplanes. A custom lanyard with a badge holder can help you keep your I.D. handy at checkpoints, and taking off a lanyard in the security line is faster than emptying your pockets or bag.

Keeping your essential items on a lanyard can also help you avoid the need for a fanny pack or purse, which is helpful when airlines limit the number of bags you can carry.


How else would you keep things from floating away in zero gravity but with a lanyard!

All joking aside, you may discover that lanyards can be just as essential as your daily essential items. Get a free quote today on wholesale custom lanyards, and make your brand essential as well!