How to Choose the Right Lanyard for Your Conference

If you are ordering lanyards for an upcoming conference, there are a lot of different options. It’s all about the details. Creating the right lanyard is rarely as...

If you are ordering lanyards for an upcoming conference, there are a lot of different options. It’s all about the details. Creating the right lanyard is rarely as easy as companies think. Graphics and design, materials, and available add-ons are the three basic categories of options used to customize lanyards to fit your exact needs. Here are some tips to help you choose the right lanyard.

Graphics and Design

Lanyards provide an opportunity to use graphics to showcase your company name or logo. This is the best way to help set your business apart and increase brand awareness. Whether you choose to print your company name, logo, or both, having great design comes down to color and quality. Use a color that is eye-catching and utilizes the company’s branded colors. Text should use a great color contrast so that it stands out, and be large enough that it is clearly visible. The quality of the print should have distinct lines so that text is clear, and logos precise. Colors should never bleed or blend together.


There are many options for materials in a lanyard. What you choose depends on your preferences for feel, overall look, and your budget. Here are some options available:

Woven. This material is the classic lanyard design. It is elegant and distinctive but is best for simple text or logos only. Intricate text will not be legible.

Tubular. The most affordable lanyard option is tubular polyester. It’s a style similar to a shoelace that gives high performance, comfortable wear, and an economical price.

Flat Polyester. If you need to balance price and performance, flat polyester is the best material for you. It offers a clean, well-defined appearance and good wear characteristics.

Nylon. This is the highest quality material in a lanyard. It feels soft and silky and is durable. The printing is always clear, and the colors are eye-catching.

Cord. Comfort is the main benefit of using cord material in your lanyards. It is thinner in width, but graphics and text are still easy to read.

Styling and Available Add-ons

Full Color. The most durable printing option is a full-color lanyard. The dye sublimation printing process infuses your logo or text completely through the polyester material. This means it won’t crack, fade, or wear off.

Safety Breakaway. This is a popular safety feature available with any lanyard style. The breakaway pops free, separating the lanyard ends if the lanyard is grabbed, pulled or caught on something. Safety breakaways are always a free option.

Badge Holder. If your conference involves wearing name tags, a badge holder is a great add-on. You can order holders for either vertical or horizontal wear, depending on your badge style. These are great for security key cards too.

Between the graphics and design, materials used, and styles and add-ons, there are many different combinations available to make your custom lanyards. This is a great opportunity to help your company stand out. Now that you know a little more about what is available, have fun and get creative to produce your own custom product.