Lanyards in the 21st Century

Now that we’re almost two decades into it, let’s assess some aspects of this new millennium. Can the new American Idol discover a new superstar? Will...

Now that we’re almost two decades into it, let’s assess some aspects of this new millennium. Can the new American Idol discover a new superstar? Will Silly Bandz make a comeback? Can you increase your brand awareness with custom lanyards in the 21st century?

The answers to those questions are, in order:

  • There are a lot of undiscovered great singers out there.
  • Silly Bandz had their day. As with Pet Rocks in the 1970s, the world has moved on.
  • Absolutely! Lanyards are a fantastic way to boost your brand!

No Zombies

Sure, lanyards sometimes get no respect. They’re not the most exciting product in the world. Nor are they particularly fashion-forward. One website listed them as one of the “25 Things No Man Should Ever Wear.” Another declared that only zombies wear lanyards.

That last claim has been the subject of some debate in recent years. While there has been no consensus reached, the general conclusion among experts is that zombies could wear lanyards if they were inclined to do so.

However, zombies tend to be rather antisocial, and generally not inclined to follow social protocols such as carrying I.D. badges of any sort, with or without lanyards, so it’s probably a moot point.

What’s not in doubt is the popularity of lanyards imprinted with official images from the TV show The Walking Dead. TWD lanyards are readily available from a range of online providers.

That proves not that zombies wear lanyards, but that the creators of The Walking Dead know lanyards are a great way to increase awareness of their specific brand. What do they know that you don’t? (Well, besides the plotlines of next season, anyway.)

Custom imprinted lanyards are a low-cost, high impact way to increase your visibility. They’re an ideal way to carry convention credentials, trade show name tags, and school or work I.D. badges. Unlike clip-on badge holders, they don’t fall off. Unlike pins, they don’t damage clothing. Unlike zombies, custom lanyards are alive and well, and ready to increase your brand recognition!

Who Uses Lanyards?

Many people use lanyards today. Recent years have brought increased concerns about security in public places. That’s led more workplaces, schools and public facilities to require staff members, students and visitors to display I.D. badges while on the premises. Custom lanyards are the perfect way to carry those badges.

Unlike other means of carrying I.D. badges and keycards, lanyards are easy and quick to wear and hard to lose. They keep badges readily visible, and keycards close at hand for use. When custom printed with the logo of the organization, they add to morale and help identify people who should be present and who shouldn’t.

For factories, healthcare facilities, and other places where anything worn around the neck is a potential hazard, lanyards with reusable safety breakaways are the answer. The breakaway segments separate when snagged, pulled or grabbed, popping loose before the wearer can be injured. They’re an absolute must if wearing lanyards around running machinery.

With the right attachments, lanyards can hold small tools and even cell phones, keeping technicians’ hands-free and preventing tools from being lost.

In retail stores, flea market booths and similar establishments, lanyards act as a subtle brand promotion. They help customers identify staff members who can help with transactions.

Conventions, trade shows, and seminars depend on lanyards – and lanyard giveaways at exhibitor booths – as a means of carrying and displaying I.D. credentials.

Think about it. You can buy custom lanyards imprinted with your logo for less than a zombie pays for breakfast at the drive-thru at Brains-fil-A. Give them away (the lanyards, not the brains) to people who want a better way to carry those I.D. badges. Before long, you’ll have The Walking Billboards. Real, live folks wearing your logo around their necks, circulating throughout the trade show. That helps drive others to your booth, which results in even more Walking Billboards, which … get the picture? You need not fear the Walking Billboards!

Then Again, Maybe Lanyards are Fashionable

Although few have traditionally considered lanyards as fashion accessories, that tide might be turning. reported two years ago that several men’s fashion designers sent models down the runway at a Milan show wearing lanyards. Designer Michael Kors reportedly explained it was for men who had trouble keeping track of their cell phones.

As further proof that not everyone thinks lanyards are unfashionable, consider the fact that Barney’s New York, an upscale fashion retailer, recently listed a designer (Givenchy, if you’re curious) lanyard – made of polyester – on its website. The lanyard had a list price of $250!

Back in the Real World

Of course, you don’t have to spend anywhere near that much to use custom lanyards for promotional purposes. Any reputable lanyard provider can hook you up with great looking promotional lanyards at a price low enough that you won’t hesitate to give them away.

If you want to use custom lanyards to promote your brand, look for a supplier that’s been in business long enough to have a record of happy customers. Find a company that will work with you to ensure you get the right lanyards for your needs and has the materials and technology to make your lanyards properly. Expect outstanding customer service and upfront, no-nonsense pricing. Last but not least, make sure they’re not afraid to back up their work with a guarantee.

Yes, we’ve just described Wholesale Lanyards. We are your one-stop, no-hassle provider of outstanding custom lanyards in the 21st century. We’re a modern company that believes in old-fashioned values – such as giving you the most for your money, offering top quality products and unbeatable prices. Did we mention we stand behind every product we sell with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

Last but not least, we promise, no zombies. Ever. (At least not until they buy their own lanyards.) Call today, toll-free, or fill out our no-obligation Free Quote form. We’ll be happy to show you how much custom lanyards can help your branding efforts!