Lanyards Make the Perfect Souvenir

Feb 1, 2021

Lanyards Make the Perfect Souvenir

Whether you’re going to a convention, shopping in a new town, spending a day at a theme park, or visiting a place of business, you probably want a little keepsake to remember your experience or to bring a part of your experience home to someone else. It can be difficult to find just the right item that will be functional, fun, and last a long time, and this is why lanyards make a great souvenir! offers an extensive range of top quality, custom lanyards in a variety of materials and printing styles at wholesale prices. Our high quality, brightly colored lanyards can be custom made with your brand’s logo or your company’s website.

Lanyards are the perfect addition to events such as conventions, trade shows, concerts, professional sports games, or any event that may require a name badge. Generic lanyards will get the job done, but custom designed lanyards with your brand are the perfect included-with-purchase souvenir for attendees to wear at the event and bring home.

If you want your lanyards to grab attention, try our high detail, full color lanyards. Create a design with vivid colors that won’t fade, peel or crack. We make it easy to complete your order with badge holders, available in various sizes, and attachment options.

Lanyards also make great event giveaways! If you’re looking for an inexpensive addition to a “swag” bag for your attendees, check out our low cost, best quality tubular lanyards. These are our most economical lanyards, but they can be customized just as easily as our other lanyard styles.

Customers and attendees may also be looking to purchase a souvenir - usually something inexpensive, useful, and fun. Lanyards are the perfect functional keepsake!

For those looking for high quality finish with the accuracy of silkscreen printing, nylon lanyards are the perfect choice. Our custom nylon lanyards are made with top quality nylon to ensure shine, quality construction, and dependability. Add an oval hook or a buckle release for a unique function that may make or break a sale. Create a fun custom design with your logo that people will want to buy and wear!

Get a free quote today on an order of customized lanyards at unbeatable prices!