Offer Custom Branded Lanyards For Patreon Fans

Lanyards have many diverse different uses and applications. From easy ways to carry around your I.D. or keycards to marketing and business tools, custom lanyards can be found almost...

Lanyards have many diverse different uses and applications. From easy ways to carry around your I.D. or keycards to marketing and business tools, custom lanyards can be found almost anywhere. These days, organizations have employed lanyards to stand out and showcase everything from their logos to their personality. They are used by everyone from our medical professionals, and non-profit organizations, to businesses, brands, and more.

Custom branded lanyards can also be given as a show of recognition and even for identification purposes. In business, custom lanyards can be presented for many different reasons, including team building, identification purposes, and much more.

However, lanyards are also great for marketing promotions, offering an eye-catching and different way to distinguish your company or brand.

Now, creative custom lanyards are being given as rewards for fans on Patreon. Artists and other creatives use custom lanyards as rewards, which offers another unique way to connect with supporters and fans worldwide.

Your fans get passionate about their rewards, so why not give them something exclusive and unique? There are many great reward ideas, including T-shirts, bonus content, and more. But something exclusive like a custom lanyard is physical and personal, building a connection between fan and artist. Create something interesting and meaningful; this will bring your fans closer and offer a charming appearance.

These custom lanyards will be souvenirs, something that will be a reminder of the fan's relationship, providing something important that they can treasure for years to come. Lanyards are a distinctive way to say “thank you” to high-value patrons and fans, and a perfect way to acknowledge those who have encouraged you along the way. Plus, they are also much easier to package and ship then other rewards.

At, we feature multiple options allowing you to get as creative as you would like. You are not limited to your standard lanyards. We have an exceptional selection of styles and colors for your needs, while we can customize your lanyard with details to elevate your overall design. We can create custom lanyards with custom colors, logos, particular messages, and much more. There are endless options when it comes to customizing a lanyard, and we make it easy.

We have an unbelievably talented team who is among the best in the business. If you don't yet have a design or want something new, we can do that. If you already have a logo, a color scheme, and a fully realized concept, we can make it happen.

We use the best materials available and state of the art equipment, which means your custom lanyards will end up looking exactly how you intended. We stand behind every lanyard we sell. Each order includes our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you find any lanyard to be defective, in either materials or workmanship, we will replace it at no extra cost.

Here at the, we aim to give you excellent value and top-quality products. We also offer free shipping to any Continental U.S.A. address. We take pleasure in our work, and we will not be undersold. If you find a lower price on the same custom lanyards, we will match or beat that price.

If you are looking for a distinctive and remarkable way to thank your Patreon fans, think about custom lanyards. When you are ready to order your custom lanyards, get a free quote on your design, or email us with any questions. We have the experience, and the team needed to create the perfect custom lanyards for your fans!