Popular & Common Uses For Custom Lanyards

Jan 28, 2021

Popular & Common Uses For Custom Lanyards

Custom lanyards are perfect for carrying important everyday essentials while promoting your company. Lanyards can be used to carry ID badges, keys, and more. Let’s take a look at the most popular uses for custom lanyards, their function and effectiveness.

You can see custom lanyards just about everywhere you go --  in schools, businesses, government offices and other locations. They have become a must-have for conventions, a way to stand out while adding value to your brand.

Lanyards are a terrific way to keep track of employees at conferences while getting your message across to attendees. Create lanyards that include your name and logo, and raise brand awareness in the process.

The most commonly used lanyards for conventions are printed polyester and nylon lanyards. Whether you are hosting a business party, a special event, or manning a both, a lanyard can go a long way. You can even give away lanyards as promotional items, to put your brand in front of new customers. You can even opt to upgrade the attachment and style, providing attention to detail and quality to your design. 

At school, students, teachers, staff and visitors alike will find lanyards a convenient addition. Polyester and tubular lanyards are the most popular option for schools, offer a unique, economical way to show school spirit.

Create custom lanyards with your school's name, logo, and mascot in your school colors. Students and teachers can wear customized lanyards to carry ID badges. You can opt for different attachment options such as j-hooks, key rings, and many other choices. 

Companies and organizations of all sorts are finding custom lanyards to be ideal. They can be used for identification and security purposes while also being an effective marketing tool.

Lanyards that feature the company name and logo are useful for promoting your brand. You can also add badge holders or retractable badge reels, further adding to their functionality. 

Custom lanyards are also popular at sporting events, parties, theme parks, and music festivals. No matter if you want to show spirit for your favorite team or unite players, custom lanyards are an excellent option. Team colors and logos are excellent options to add to your lanyard,

For parties and reunions, use custom lanyards as a means of identification. They make fantastic keepsakes for any occasion.

You can even see lanyards at theme parks around the country. They are outstanding for commemorating your trip and to display tickets, custom pins, and much more.

Custom lanyards are perfect for almost any business, nonprofit organization, school, or group. They are ideal for marketing and brand awareness. Custom lanyards offer a tangible and useful item for everyday use. 

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