Raise Funds and School Spirit with Custom Lanyards

If you’ve ever worked at a public school or been a part of a school club, organization, or team, you know that school activities run on fundraisers. Students often...

If you’ve ever worked at a public school or been a part of a school club, organization, or team, you know that school activities run on fundraisers. Students often raise money for events, such as field trips, with bake sales, catalogs, car washes, and, these days, even custom masks, and the more useful and desirable the fundraiser item, the more likely it will be purchased. This is why custom lanyards are perfect for fundraisers!

Students and adults alike will want to purchase an item as useful and versatile as a lanyard. Kids and teens need lanyards at school to hold their student I.D., house keys, car keys, lip balm, mask, or any small item they need handy. The more students start seeing these custom lanyards around school, the more they’ll want one for themselves!

Likewise, parents and teachers may need lanyards for their work I.D. or name badge. Custom lanyards with school or organization logos are great ways for stakeholders to feel invested in an institution they support.

Custom designed lanyards also operate as mobile marketing tools. If students, parents, teachers, and other stakeholders use them daily, more people will see your organization’s logo. Lanyards are a great way to create awareness and advertise your school events!

WholesaleLanyards.com can help you create a custom lanyard for your school, club, sports team, or organization that will encourage sales and boost funds! We offer a variety of customizable, eye-catching, and durable lanyards to suit your design needs.

If you want to sell colorful, highly-detailed, and durable lanyards, take a look at our full color sublimation lanyards. These stylish lanyards are perfect for a full coverage design. Our dye sublimation process can imprint your school’s logo and mascot into the polyester lanyard material. Because the image is infused directly into the polyester, the image will last as long as the material, and look great the whole time!

If you want to sell lanyards as a fundraiser for a one-time event, such as spirit week, homecoming football games, or drama performances, you may want a more simple, cost-effective option for your custom lanyards. Check out our most popular polyester lanyards for the best quality, affordable, and style option.

Complete your order with a batch of convenient badge holders to include with your custom lanyards. You can even customize the attachment hook to suit the needs of your students.

Unsure about your design? Our team of experts at WholesaleLanyards.com is here to help! We know it can be difficult to spend school funds, even if it’s to make more funds, which is why our products come with a satisfaction guarantee. Fill out our free quote form and we’ll send you a free digital proof of your lanyard design so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Contact us today via email or call us toll free at (877) 870-5462 to see how custom designed lanyards can be your next fundraiser item!