Recruiting at Job Fairs with Custom Lanyards

Mar 1, 2021

Recruiting at Job Fairs with Custom Lanyards

Companies benefit from job and career fairs, not just for recruiting new employees, but also for general exposure and creating brand awareness. Job fairs can be heavily attended with dozens or even hundreds of companies represented, so it’s important as a company representative to stand out from the crowd. The last thing you want to forget is an advertising opportunity, especially one that attendees can walk away with. That’s why custom designed lanyards make excellent marketing tools for job fairs!

There are many items you’ll want to include at your booth to make your company stand out at a job fair. First you’ll want an eye-catching display! That can include a branded tablecloth, colorful banners, informative signs, and anything else that draws job-seekers to your table. You’ll also need the basics, such as forms and applications, pens, clipboards, and plenty of business cards. And lastly you need the all-important “swag”.

More often than not, it’s the incentive of a free item that will pull people to your booth, not necessarily your business. Choosing the correct promotional item can be tricky. The best custom promotional item should be affordable for you to purchase in bulk, be a useful item so people will use it in their daily life, and not seem “cheap” or poor quality. That’s why custom designed lanyards from are the perfect giveaway item!

Choose from our variety of customizable lanyard options to create the perfect promotional giveaway item for your booth. Our most popular polyester lanyards harmonize quality, style, and affordability, plus polyester lanyards are one of the softest style options! Design a custom polyester lanyard with your company’s logo, and encourage job-seekers to use their free, soft lanyard to wear their event badge while they peruse the booths.

For a more eye-catching, brightly colored design, check out our full color sublimation lanyards! These lanyards feature vivid colors that won’t peel, crack, or fade. Use the extensive design potential of full color lanyards to create a custom lanyard with an all-over design that can’t be missed!

There are many ways to use these custom designed lanyards as giveaways at your company’s booth. Use custom lanyards featuring your company's logo as incentives to attract job-seekers by trading a lanyard for a filled-out job application. You can also do a giveaway drawing for a custom lanyard! Have them fill out an application, give you their email address, or take a business card in exchange for a raffle ticket - that way they visit your table more than once over the course of the event.

Let us help you design the perfect custom lanyard for your next job fair! Fill out a no-obligation free quote form, and we’ll include a free proof of your lanyard design so you know exactly what you’re getting when you order from!