Red Ribbon Week Lanyards

Jan 2, 2019

Red Ribbon Week Lanyards

Educators, you know how important Red Ribbon Week is to your students. In today’s world, teaching young people how to make good decisions and avoid drugs and alcohol is critical. If you need new ideas to boost your students’ interest this year, consider custom Red Ribbon Week lanyards.

If your school requires students to wear lanyards with I.D. badges, you’re halfway there already. Custom lanyards imprinted with the 2018 theme of Life Is Your Journey, Travel Drug Free, can replace your standard lanyards easily, either for just the week, or for the full school year. They’re a reminder that your students can keep with them to remind them of the vital message all year long.

Red Ribbon Week Lanyards Styles

At, we offer a selection of lanyard styles to fit any need or budget.

Tubular lanyards are comfortable to wear, and economical. They showcase your message in a clear, distinct manner. Polyester lanyards offer higher performance and better legibility at a great price. They’re the most versatile lanyard style we offer.

Woven lanyards feature an elegant, classic look, best suited for simple text. Because intricate text and logos are not legible in this style, they’re not the best choice for Red Ribbon Week lanyards.

Full color (dye sublimated) lanyards are the most durable style we offer. This rugged style infuses the ink for your message throughout the lanyard material, creating lanyards that won’t peel, fade or crack.

Remember to order enough lanyards for your staff and visitors, not just students. School-wide participation will help reinforce the Red Ribbon Week message for all.

Whether you need Red Ribbon Week lanyards or any other type of custom school lanyards, we have everything you need, at a budget-friendly price. You’ll get our signature customer service, unbeatable prices and top quality lanyards with every order. If you’d like to know more, call us toll free today at 877-870-5462, or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to serving all your school custom lanyard needs!