The Basics of Creating Custom Lanyards

Creating custom lanyards is a relatively simple process. After all, a lanyard is nothing more than a loop of fabric with attachments to carry small objects. Custom lanyards add an...

Creating custom lanyards is a relatively simple process. After all, a lanyard is nothing more than a loop of fabric with attachments to carry small objects. Custom lanyards add an imprint to showcase your brand, logo or text message.

Lanyards are simple. However, the combination of material, imprint style and attachments functions as an integrated system to carry your desired custom message. Consider how lanyards are made, and what influences their function.

It’s possible to craft lanyards by hand, or in small batches with light-duty sewing equipment. Yet for the most economical and efficient production, it’s necessary to use high-speed computer controlled machinery. This allows consistent quality for large quantities of lanyards.

Custom lanyards are typically made of nylon, polyester or cotton material. Each material has its own pros and cons. Cotton lanyards are comfortable, but won’t withstand harsh environments or heavy use as well as polyester or nylon. Nylon offers the greatest shine and smooth surface for a standout look. Polyester presents the best combination of value, performance and wearer comfort for most applications.

Width of the lanyard is variable, depending on the chosen imprint style. Common widths can range from 3/8-inch to one-inch lanyards.

Choosing the Right Lanyard Style

As noted above, different materials and imprint types are available. The right one for your specific application depends on your intended usage, desired imprint and budget.

Tubular lanyards are the ideal choice if you’re on a tight budget. This economical style, made of tube-stitched polyester, offers good text or logo visibility, excellent wear comfort and attractive appearance.

Nylon lanyards are a premium style that offer the smoothest finish and greatest visibility for your custom message. They’re an outstanding product that ensures your message will be seen.

Woven lanyards offer an elegant, classic look. Instead of printing your custom design on the surface of the polyester material, we weave it into the material, using a procedure similar to embroidery. This style is best for simple text or logos. Due to the nature of the weaving process, more intricate designs won’t be legible.

Polyester lanyards offer the best balance between cost and performance. They offer excellent visibility for your message or logo, a smooth finish and durable wear characteristics.

Full Color, or dye-sublimated lanyards are rugged enough to take on the toughest environments. These lanyards are printed with a process that infuses your custom design all the way through the material. The result is a great-looking design that won’t fade, peel or crack, even under the harshest conditions.

Attachment Choices

Modern lanyards are available with a wide range of attachment hardware suitable for many purpose. When you’re creating custom lanyards, a reliable provider can help you decide which is best for your particular application.

Bulldog clips are perfect for I.D. badge holders. They clip securely to the badge holder and keep the I.D. visible. At the same time, the I.D. remains out of the way of everyday tasks. Swivel hooks are a good way to hold other small items. O-rings are well-suited for plastic badge holders, keys and other items. Carabiners, cell phone loops and other custom attachments are available for specialized needs.

Safety Breakaways

Safety breakaways are crucial for many lanyard applications. In a situation in which a lanyard could be grabbed by someone, or caught in a machine, these simple bits of plastic can be lifesavers.

The two-piece breakaways pop free before the wearer can be dragged into machinery or strangled by an assailant. They’re an absolute must for lanyard use on factory floors, and in medical and correctional facilities. Some applications can require multiple safety breakaways. Good lanyard providers will always offer free safety breakaways on any lanyard style.

A good supplier can answer all your questions about creating custom lanyards. At, you can count on our experienced staff for all your custom lanyard needs!