Using Custom Lanyards in the New Year

Happy 2019! With the new year comes new business opportunity. Now is a perfect time to rethink your marketing strategy for the coming year. Think of opportunities to increase the visibility...

Happy 2019! With the new year comes new business opportunity. Now is a perfect time to rethink your marketing strategy for the coming year. Think of opportunities to increase the visibility of your brand or logo. How about using custom lanyards this year at trade shows and conventions?

If you attend conventions and trade shows, you know what the exhibits are like. You know some booths are innovative and dynamic, while others present the same old thing, show after show, year after year. You know you don’t want to be one of those.

Don’t be afraid to think differently. Consider new ways of promoting your brand and your business. Think about methods to get your logo in front of potential customers.

Consider custom promotional lanyards. They’re not a glamorous product or likely one you’ve given much thought to. Used wisely, they’re a secret weapon, a powerful marketing tool that many people overlook.

What Matters In Promotional Products

Studies have shown that one of the most important factors that make people likely to respond positively to your promotional products is usefulness. If your trade show giveaway product doesn’t add value to busy people’s lives, they’re likely to trash it at the first opportunity. Give people something they can use, and they’ll probably keep it – and your brand or logo.

Think about the last trade show you attended. You probably received a convention I.D. badge when you checked in, right? Chances are, it came with a simple clip or pin to hold it in place for a couple of days.

Consider those two options for a moment. The clip-on badge holder attaches to your jacket, shirt or blouse easily. But it’s frequently in your way, and it’s easy to accidentally knock off and lose.

The pin-on holder is harder to lose. But it leaves holes in your garment. Small ones, to be sure, but holes nonetheless. Many people don’t want to do that with a good silk blouse, top quality dress shirt or bespoke jacket.

Lanyards to the Rescue

Now let’s say you’re in the exhibit hall with your display. Give away custom lanyards imprinted with your brand. You’ve given your fellow convention-goers a convenient way to carry their I.D. badge that won’t damage their clothing or get lost easily. You’ve provided a useful product, one that people will appreciate.

Guess what else you’ve done? You’ve given them a miniature billboard for your brand. Every person walking around wearing your lanyard is promoting your logo. What could be easier?

Lanyards are Affordable

The economical nature of custom lanyards makes giving them away in large numbers a viable proposition. You’ll be amazed at the return on your investment in attractive, affordable custom lanyards.

When you order from Wholesale Lanyards, you get the benefits of our 15 years in the business. We can create professional looking custom lanyards imprinted with any logo or brand to suit any environment from office to the jungle. We can work with any budget, large or small, to make custom lanyards work for your business.

Now is the time to order. The year’s just begun, and there are plenty of trade shows, conferences, and conventions ahead. Make the most of them. Get those walking billboards out there on the convention floor!

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