Using Lanyards as an Effective Marketing Tool

Lanyards have been part of the business world for many years, but do you realize the marketing value they can bring to your business? While it may seem like a...

Lanyards have been part of the business world for many years, but do you realize the marketing value they can bring to your business? While it may seem like a simple product, lanyards can bring success in these four effective ways.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are a common place for businesses to promote products and services. Wearing name tags and company identification is a powerful tool when used correctly. Knowing names is a vital way to get someone’s attention and make a personalized contact when discussing business opportunities. Creating a custom lanyard for your company can help set you apart from the other booths and tables and attract people to your area to learn more.

Lanyards can help trade show employees at the booth and away from it. At the table, custom lanyards work in harmony with your larger displays and signs, helping others quickly identify who to approach with questions or When your employees are away from the area, unique lanyards help strike up conversations with others in a less pressured environment. Whether it’s making the rounds to other booths or going to get something to eat, a unique lanyard with a well-placed logo or company name invites others to comment or ask about the business organically.

Inexpensive Advertising

Handing out free lanyards at any event is a great way to advertise. Brand awareness is an important part of an overall business strategy. Printing custom lanyards with the company name and logo helps spread your company’s name to more people. When the recipients of the lanyard wear it or use it, more people see it, giving your company gets more exposure. There are few other methods that provide the reach a lanyard can.

Easier Networking

Name tags are an important part of networking because they help others learn and remember names quickly. Listing a company name on the name tag is a great way for people to learn more and make connections. With custom lanyards, you can open doors by getting attention with logos, names, or creative design instead of a boring name tag.

Sponsoring Events

Community events are big opportunities for advertising through sponsorship. If your company is looking to increase brand awareness, try to support local charity efforts, fun social events in the community, or sports tournaments with custom lanyards. Any type of gathering that requires name tags is an opportunity for you to sponsor. When you provide customized lanyards with your company logo or name on it, many people are going to learn or recognize your business afterward. Supporting these events can go a long way to forge a reputation and gain respect for supporting the cause of the event too.

When you need to achieve your marketing goals, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Custom lanyards can do a lot of good if you use them effectively. Ordering in bulk is ideal for any of the ideas mentioned above, making custom lanyards even more economical. Lanyards are a simple idea, but they can go a long way to help you achieve your goals.