Using Lanyards to Market Your Nonprofit

Feb 23, 2021

Using Lanyards to Market Your Nonprofit

Marketing may not be your first thought when running a nonprofit, but nevertheless it is essential to bring attention to your organization and cause. Investing in promotional products is a great way to create brand awareness, and creating brand awareness is a great way to spread your message to new donors!

Promotional items such as lanyards double as a marketing tool and a useful daily item, which is why they are so effective in creating brand awareness - people will want to use them! At, we offer an extensive range of top-quality, custom lanyards in a variety of materials and printing styles at wholesale prices to fit your small budget.

Here’s how custom quality wholesale lanyards can work for your nonprofit:

1. Brand an item you already use

If your non-profit offers in-house services or holds events and fundraisers, you may already be using lanyards for volunteer badges or name tags. A cheap-looking, plain lanyard is a missed marketing opportunity. Check out our custom full color lanyards for brightly colored, eye-catching designs, and turn an item you already use into a marketing tool! You can also add badge holders to your order and even choose your attachment hook for more customized options.

2. Automatic gift to volunteers

Volunteers are likely an essential component of your nonprofit, and while they work for no reward, volunteers usually expect a few freebies in exchange for their time. Along with an event t-shirt, a branded lanyard to hold their volunteer badge can easily become a daily use item and a conversation piece long after their shift is over. Volunteers will have a functional item for the event and a free gift to take home all in one! Check out our lanyard options such as length adjusters and buckle releases for an even more useful and functional lanyard.

3. Fundraiser giveaways

The multi-function appeal of marketing ability and usefulness makes customized lanyards a great giveaway item. Let your donors know how much you appreciate their donation with a custom lanyard. A small “thank you” goes a long way when it’s a free gift! You can also entice donations with customized lanyards. Set up tiered gift-giving, and give donors who gift a certain amount of money per month their own custom lanyard in return. Include items such as custom badge reels as donors move up in tiers.

4. Reach new donors

The best thing about giving volunteers and donors a custom lanyard branded with your organization’s logo is that they become a walking marketing tool. Because lanyards are so functional, they are more likely to be used daily than a t-shirt or other common promotional items. Spread your message via your stakeholders with our soft and stylish polyester lanyards!

Get a free quote today on a batch of custom lanyards at wholesale prices for your non-profit organization!