Utilizing Color for the Most Eye-Catching Lanyard Designs

Mar 31, 2021

Utilizing Color for the Most Eye-Catching Lanyard Designs

Custom designed lanyards are one of the best promotional products to give away. Thanks to a lanyard’s usefulness, durability, and versatility, lanyards are more likely to become a walking marketing tool simply because people are more likely to use them daily. Don’t waste the marketing opportunity on a lanyard with a muddied design. Allow our team at WholesaleLanyards.com help you custom design the most vibrant, eye-catching lanyards for your next promotional giveaway!

When considering color for your custom lanyard design, first you must decide on your lanyard type. We offer a variety of customizable lanyards in different styles and fabrics, all of which can be specifically customized with color. Next, consider your color options. Do you want a bright, colorful, eye-catching design? Vibrant lanyards will evoke fun, creativity, and energy. Perhaps you’d like a more neutral design. Lanyards designed with two to three colors, especially lanyards that utilize white, black, or dark colors, will have a sharp, clean finish with a more professional feel.

Let’s begin with a simple two-color design option, meaning your lanyard is one color and the artwork or text is another. Color contrast is very important for a two-color lanyard design. Your most successful design would likely involve a lanyard with a darker color, such as black, navy, maroon, or a dark green, with a lighter text color, such as white, yellow, or any neon or pastel color. You could also inverse this combination with a lighter lanyard color and a darker design.

For high quality, well-structured two-color lanyards, check out our elegant woven lanyards. For custom woven lanyards, we weave your message or logo into the lanyard with thread. Custom woven lanyards are best for simple logos or text. For a softer feel and more polished finish, we offer custom nylon lanyards. Nylon lanyards are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a high quality finish with the accuracy of silkscreen printing, plus our nylon lanyards come in over 35 stock colors!

Adding a third color to your design is an excellent way to add a pop of color to your custom designed lanyard. Check out our most popular polyester lanyards to add an accent color to your monochromatic designs. Polyester lanyards are our best all around lanyards for simple designs with the best quality and comfort. Try a design with a dark lanyard, white text, and a pop of color with your logo!

Finally, if you want to go all out with your custom lanyards, you’ll definitely want to consider our full color sublimation lanyards for the most vibrant, colorful, eye-catching designs. Our dye sublimation process imprints your artwork, brand, logo, or design into the polyester lanyard material. Because the image is infused directly into the polyester, the image will last as long as the material, and look great the whole time. These lanyards are perfect for designs that combine many colors and smaller details. Try a variety of primary colors for these lanyard designs.

Unsure how to utilize color to the fullest with your design? Contact us today, and we'll be happy to work with you every step of the way to ensure your custom lanyards are perfect for your needs. You can also fill out our no-obligation free quote form, and we'll respond within 24 hours!