Welcome Students Back To School The Right Way

Jan 8, 2019

Welcome Students Back To School The Right Way

It’s back to school and that means looking at the supplies that are needed. Teachers and administrators alike are going to be flooding the halls and classrooms before you know it. With custom lanyards and other supplies, you can hand out school spirit like it’s candy.

Student & Teacher IDs
If your school issues student IDs, it’s important to make it easy for them to present the ID whenever they are asked for it. This might be when walking through the door, at the library, and even in the lunchroom. Rather than expecting students to put the ID in their pocket or wallet, you can issue badge reels.

The reels can be easily clipped to a pocket or backpack. Plus, it can be customized with the school logo for that extra touch.

Teachers can benefit from the custom reels, too. They’ll have their ID at their fingertips when they need it for logging into the WiFi or anywhere else in the school.

Pass Out Lanyards
School pride should be expressed in a lot of different ways. You’re going to have returning students as well as students who are just learning what it’s like to go to your school.

Pride can be passed out in the form of customized lanyards. These can identify the name of the school with a logo or a mascot. It’s a great way for students to have a way of keeping their student ID, house keys, or anything else on them. It also identifies them as a student of the school when they’re out in the community.

Your students will love getting something that has the school logo on it. Plus, lanyards are more versatile than t-shirts because they can be used every day of the week.

Badge reels and lanyards can be used by teachers and students alike. It’s a way to welcome everyone back in style. Even though you might be asking them to bring in a lot of their own school supplies, you can give out a gift as everyone walks through the door, too.

When students get something from the administration or their teachers, they will feel as though the school cares about them. This is an important thing to focus on as it will make for a better school year. The cost investment is low, making it an easy thing to do to show the students that you’re glad they’re back at school for the year.