What's The Difference: Lanyard Attachments

Lanyards are versatile tools and can be seen in almost any office, school, or workplace. They are also powerful promotional items. At WholesaleLanyards, we offer an array of styles and...

Lanyards are versatile tools and can be seen in almost any office, school, or workplace. They are also powerful promotional items. At WholesaleLanyards, we offer an array of styles and designs that are perfect for any situation. We do it all from business lanyards to medical lanyards, even custom lanyards for conferences and conventions.  

Custom lanyards are available in various materials and lettering styles, letting you choose the right application for your particular needs. The right lanyard depends on several factors, but one thing to consider when ordering lanyards is your attachment options. Depending on the application and use of your lanyards, your attachment needs might change. We examine those different attachments and break them down below! 

First, the Bulldog Clip. This is a classic attachment option that is good for almost any lanyard. Perfect for badges and badge holders, the  Bulldog Clip offers a secure attachment and an easy to use design. 

The Swivel J Hook is another popular option. This attachment features a simple one-piece clasp that can easily be opened. The clip is secure and functional, easy to use, and perfect for badges of all sorts. 

Next is the Thumb Trigger attachment. Probably one of the easiest attachments to use, the thumb trigger is secure, quick, and easy. The attachment uses a simple clasp with a thumb trigger that allows for quickly removing your badge or adding another. 

The keyring is always a popular attachment, thanks to its range. Keyring attachments are perfect for more casually designed lanyards, not too often found in business or medical settings. Keyring attachments are perfect for promotional lanyards and a great way for fans to keep their keys close and safe. The keyring is easy and secure, offering an effortless and classic attachment in the process. 

The tech loop attachment is a modern approach to keeping your lanyard's badges in place. The tech loop uses a male and female end, along with a plastic connector that keeps things secure. This is commonly seen in a business setting and has expanded into the medical field. These attachments are light, easy, and perfect for anyone on the go! 

Next is the Carabiner Hook. Similar to the thumb trigger attachment, the Carabiner Hook has an easy approach to adding and removing your badge holder. The attachment features a simple clasp design with a trigger located near the base of the clasp. This allows for quick and effortless removal of badges, while also providing a solid and secure hold. 

The Oval Hook attachment is another easy to use attachment option. The attachment features a longer design and a simple push-in clasp that is easy to use. While easy and effortless, the Oval Hook still provides a secure hold, adding a unique style to your lanyard in the process. Oval Hooks can be found in businesses and medical offices around the world. 

The Thumb Hook attachment is another solid selection. This attachment seemingly blends the Thumb Trigger attachment with the Carabiner Hook for a unique and effortless design. Both secure and easy to use, the Thumb Hook features a trigger on the outside that allows for quick access and easy removal of your badges and holders. 

The No Swivel J Hook is identical to the Swivel J Hook except that it remains stationary. Easy to use and secure, the No Swivel J Hook attachment will keep your badges in place and facing the right way at all times. 

Finishing things off is the plastic J Hook. This is a durable and unique design that is ideal for medical professionals. The plastic J Hook is easy to use, offering a unique alternative to the metal attachments mentioned above. 

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We offer a selection of accessories for our customized lanyards, and we can design lanyards to your exact needs. Don't forget, we also offer lanyard options such as safety breaks, buckle releases, badge holders, and length adjusters. 

We also stand behind everything we sell with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Should you find a  defect in either workmanship or materials of any custom lanyard you purchase from us, we will replace it at no additional cost. 

Now that you've got a little more information about custom lanyards, why not start designing yours today? Get a free quote on your custom lanyards or give us an email regarding your design. We'd be happy to help! Let us show you how easy ordering custom lanyards can be!