Lanyards with keychain

Keychain & Keyring Lanyards

Affordable, Durable, and Brand-Boosting

Keychain lanyards are a standout choice for any business, combining cost-effectiveness with long-lasting durability. Ideal for companies of every size, these lanyards offer an affordable way to enhance brand visibility without compromising on quality. Their robustness ensures they stand up to daily use, making them a reliable option for both promotional events and everyday workplace needs.

In addition to their durability, kering lanyards bring a professional touch to your brand's presence. They are not only practical for holding ID badges and keys but also serve as a mobile advertisement for your company. This blend of functionality and marketing appeal makes them a wise investment for businesses aiming to maximize their impact in a cost-efficient manner.

Key Features

Lanyard Types

Most Popular!


Best balance of performance, price

as low as 0.60

High Quality!


Classic, elegant, best with simple text

as low as 0.61

High Detail!

Full Color

Rugged, Won't fade, crack or peel!

as low as 0.99

Lowest Cost!


High performance, economical price

as low as 0.52

Softest Feel!


The highest quality lanyard we sell

as low as 0.64

Soft and thin!


Comfortable, easily read, classic style

as low as 0.67

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