Custom Lanyards for Summer Camp

Summer is mere months away, and with the world opening up and returning to normal again, kids will be itching for some outdoor fun. This summer could be the return...

Summer is mere months away, and with the world opening up and returning to normal again, kids will be itching for some outdoor fun. This summer could be the return of sleep-away camp! Summer camps, sports camps, and church camps will be in business, and what better way to advertise that than with durable, brightly colored lanyards from!

Lanyards may not be your first thought when making plans for a summer camp, but when considering marketing products, you’ll always get the most value from products that double as a useful, daily item, such as lanyards! Custom lanyards are a functional product that your campers can use at camp and at home. Here are ways lanyards can add value to camps this summer:


This one seems obvious, right? The most common item attached to a lanyard is a name tag or identification badge. But when you’re customizing your lanyards with material type, colors, and artwork with, why not take it a step further? Create an entire color system to identify camp counselors and even campers by age group.

Check out our softest custom nylon lanyards - perfect for long-wear and easy to customize with one-color lanyard and one-color silkscreen options, with over 30 lanyard colors to choose from. Include convenient badge holders with your order to hold name tags.


Nothing incentivizes good behavior quite like free goodies. Not to mention, camp experiences include games, sports, contests and other activities with prizes involved. Why not include a customized lanyard in your prize stash? Flashy, custom lanyards could be the reward alone, but you could also use lanyards to display pins or badges that campers collect along the way.

For the most amazing colors and high detail, check out our full color sublimation lanyards! These lanyards can be customized with your logo or a full color, eye-catching design that campers will want to sport even after camp has ended!

Durability and Versatility

Kids tend to play hard at summer camp, so any items you give them are subject to intense outdoor use. Not only are our custom lanyards made with high quality, soft, durable material, but they can be completely customized with attachment options to suit the needs of your campers.

Check out attachment styles such as carabiners and thumb hooks to easily detach and reattach items such as small tools, lip balm, hand sanitizer, keys, and bug spray! You can even customize your lanyard with a buckle to disconnect the bottom portion of your lanyard.


As mentioned before, lanyards are incredible marketing products because they are items that people will actually want to use! Even after campers return home, they will sport your camp logo anytime they use their colorful, custom lanyard everywhere they go, acting as a walking advertisement during the off season.

Let us help you create the perfect custom lanyard for your summer camp activities. Fill out our no-obligation free quote form today, and we'll create your lanyard design and send you a free proof.