Red nylon lanyard with white text and black plastic safety break

Best Quality, Affordable Breakaway Lanyards

At, we offer a wide range of quality lanyards at economical prices. No matter which style you choose we offer one option on every style we sell that’s a must for many. That’s the safety breakaway. This simple addition is so important that we offer it FREE. Simply put, in some situations breakaway lanyards can literally be the difference between life and death.

Safety Breakaways

Look, we love lanyards. But there are certain situations where they can be dangerous. If they get caught in running machinery, snagged on a fixture or pulled by an inmate or confused patient, the results can be catastrophic.

The safety breakaway prevents that. A simple two-piece connector, it pops apart when pulled. The lanyard then pulls free of the wearer before they can come to any harm. Simple, reusable, effective.

Orange polyester lanyard with white text and bulldog clip attachment and black plastic safety break
Green polyester lanyard with white text, bulldog clip attachment and 3 safety breaks


In high-security environments, multiple breakaways might be needed. If an individual tries to use a lanyard as a weapon, multiple breakaways will snap it into smaller and smaller pieces, preventing it from choking the victim. And again, these lanyards are reusable as well. Your sales representative can give you more information about this option.

That’s just one of the many options we offer at Whether you need a specific type of clip, badge holders, keyrings, phone holders or just about any other need, we can make it happen.

Remember, we don’t charge for artwork, design or revisions, so you can custom design your lanyard imprint any way you desire. Custom breakaway lanyards look just like standard lanyards, but just offer that extra margin of safety.