Red nylon lanyard with white text and black plastic safety break

Breakaway Lanyards

Safety, Convenience, and Style

This simple additional option is so important that we offer it FREE. With Custom Breakaway Lanyards, we combine safety with functional design, making them a must-have for schools, healthcare facilities, and corporate environments. These lanyards feature a breakaway clasp that releases quickly when pulled, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. They are perfect for ensuring safety without compromising on professional appearance.

Key Features

Orange polyester lanyard with white text and bulldog clip attachment and black plastic safety break

Safety Breakaways

Ensuring Safety in Risky Situations

We're passionate about lanyards, but we also recognize that they can pose risks in certain environments. Situations involving running machinery, snagging on fixtures, or interactions with inmates or patients can turn dangerous if a lanyard is involved.

That's where our safety breakaway comes in. This essential feature is a two-piece connector that separates easily when tugged. It allows the lanyard to quickly detach from the wearer, preventing potential harm. This simple yet effective mechanism is not only reliable but also reusable, ensuring safety in various settings without compromising on functionality.

Green polyester lanyard with white text, bulldog clip attachment and 3 safety breaks


Enhanced Safety for High-Security Settings

In environments where security is paramount, the need for extra precautions is critical. This is where our Multi-Breakaway Lanyards come into play. Designed for high-risk settings, these lanyards are equipped with several breakaway points. In the event that a lanyard is misused as a weapon, these multiple breakaways will cause it to split into smaller segments, effectively preventing it from being used to choke someone.

Just like our standard safety breakaways, these multi-breakaway lanyards are also reusable, ensuring they can be employed again for continued safety. For more detailed information about this option and how it can suit your specific security needs, please consult with your sales representative.